Queerly Loving Vol One edited by G Benson & Astrid Ohletz{Please. Read. This. Book}

I’m reading this book right now, but this review is so good that I’m not sure what I can add tbh

Design Book– Queerly Loving.
Authors– Shira Glassman, E.H Timms, Nyri Ann Bakkalian, Evelyn Deshane, Carolyn Gage, Sacha Lamb, A.P Raymond, Kay C Sulli, Teresa Theophano.
Genre– Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Scfi, Historical romance, Middle grade, Young adult, New Adult, adult.
Published: 22nd of November 2017 by Queer Pack.

1508500684595 Queer characters getting their happy endings abound in this first book of a two-part collection. Discover pages upon pages of compelling stories about aromantic warriors, trans sorceresses, and modern-day LGBTQA+ quirky characters. Friendship, platonic love, and poly triads are all celebrated.

Lose yourself in masterfully woven tales wrapped in fantasy and magic, delve into a story that brings the eighties back to life in vibrant color, get lost in space, and celebrate everything queer.

Get ready for your queer adventure.

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