Resource: The Lesbrary and Others

When you first question your gender identity or sexual orientation and come up with the idea to read about people similar to you, it might seem like there are absolutely no books about queer people, ever. Mainstream publishing has a problem where books about marginalised characters, especially by marginalised authors, don’t get published or advertised as much. They don’t show up on your radar, don’t make it to libraries or bookstores near you – or if they somehow do, they aren’t labelled, and you can only come across them by chance (something I’ve complained a lot about in Hungarian bookstores).

And yet, saying that these books don’t exist would be a huge lie – and it’s especially easy to see why when you come across a website such as The Lesbrary. The Lesbrary is run primarily by Danika Ellis, and it has a Tumblr as well besides the website. It has not only reviews of books with queer women by several reviewers, but also plenty of links to other similar blogs, and the Goodreads project, which is the biggest project I’ve seen that collects books about queer women divided into categories.

Wow! So many books, right? And these are mostly books about queer women, so imagine all the books out there about queer men and nonbinary people! The Lesbrary is also inclusive of nonbinary, trans and ace/aro-spec people.

Some other great blogs focusing on sapphic people (queer women) are Bibliosapphic, or Sapphic Book Club – the second, as you can see, is a book club you can join on Discord (that I’m also part of!) where we read a different book with a f/f relationship each month. However, just following the Tumblr is always worth it, because Lara posts plenty of other sapphic bookish content, and is also a pro at book recommendations for specific requests. You can also check out LGBTQ Reads for more recs, and Claudie Arseneault’s Aro and Ace Character Database is my go-to for a-spec characters specifically.

Most (if not all) of these blogs and databases also have Ko-fi pages, Patreon, or both – so if you have some extra money to spare, it would be great to support them for more content in the future!

And finally, a little surprise: The reason why I started this blog with The Lesbrary is because I recently joined the team of reviewers (or Lesbrarians :). You’ll be able to find my first review up on the website around the 13th of May!

What are your favourite queer bookish blogs or websites? I’m sure there are many great ones I missed, so add them in the comments!

~ Alexa