Hi there! My name is Alexa. I am…

  • 22 years old, from Hungary
  • an ablebodied, white cis female (she/her pronouns)
  • biromantic asexual
  • Hufflepuff and proud
  • dealing with depression and anxiety

More about me…

  • I have a BA degree in English Studies, and a passion for Gender Studies topics
  • I wrote my BA thesis on LGBTQAI+ representation in the books of Rick Riordan
  • I specialise in English-Hungarian translation and interpreting
  • Hungarian is my native language, and I speak English fluently
  • I recently started studying Spanish, and I am enjoying it so far
  • I would love to talk to more people who enjoy books an reading

I like to read…

  • young adult fiction
  • happy, funny, lighter reads
  • standalone books or duologies
  • books with LGBTQAI characters
  • fantasy, especially urban fantasy

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