2019 Retellings Challenge TBR

I have seen the 2019 Retellings Reading Challenge around a couple of times, but I dismissed it because I figured already read most of the retellings on my TBR. However, when I finally caved and looked at my TBR, I realised that’s not true at all!

I’ll try to focus on the books I already own for this challenge, but if I manage to read those, then I might purchase a few more for the remaining prompts. Reading my owned books will get me at least two bingos if I do it right, so that might be enough. (Books marked by the emoji are the ones I own.)

  1. Beauty and the Beast: 🍀Bellamy and The Brute 
  2. Set in a foreign country: 🍀Children of the Knight
  3. Standalone book: 🍀Uprooted
  4. Wonderland
  5. Award winning: The Song of Achilles
  6. One word title: 🍀Ash
  7. Bronte or Austen: 🍀Gay Pride and Prejudice
  8. Native American
  9. A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams2019 release: Once & Future
  10. Egyptian Myth
  11. Greek Myth: Circe
  12. Debut author: House of Salt and Sorrows
  13. Free space: 🍀Unburied Fables
  14. Shakespeare: 🍀Vinegar Girl
  15. Asian myth
  16. Indie book: 🍀Marian
  17. Russian folklore: A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams
  18. Weapon on the cover: 🍀King Arthur and Her Knights: Enthroned / Enchanted / Embittered
  19. Norse Myth: 🍀The Gospel of Loki
  20. Peter Pan: 🍀Peter Darling
  21. Over 500 pages
  22. Set in space: In Ageless Sleep
  23. Middle Eastern myth
  24. Brothers Grimm: 🍀The Ice Princess’s Fair Illusion
  25. Written 10+ years ago: 🍀Briar Rose

~ Alexa


23 thoughts on “2019 Retellings Challenge TBR

    1. Thank you! I’m doing 3 yearly challenges now, which is a little stressful, because my brain can’t comprehend I have 12 months, and I just want to do all of them at once 😀


    1. Thank you! I actually remembered that libraries exist, and while they don’t have a lot of the indie books I usually read, they have some more well-known retellings I can use to fill the blanks 😀


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