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July challenges update + Backlist challenge!

You might remember that I made several posts detailing my plans for July:

The first week of July has passed, so let’s check in and see how I’m doing with those plans!

Gale: A Sci-fi NovellaOne: I have read 8 science fiction books for Sci-Fi July so far: Courage is the Price by Lynn E. O’Connacht and Gale by Lyssa Chiavari were novellas, and all the others have been graphic novels or short stories.

Two: I have read 14 graphic novels so far for Books and Tea Club‘s readathon, including all three Lumberjanes volumes I owned, which was my main goal for this challenge.

Three: For Candybook Land, I got really lucky when I landed on the square 9 and took advantage of the biggest shortcut on the board. I have read 6 books for this challenge so far, and I am currently on square 60 out of 132. Since this is a blue square, I’m reading The Seafarer’s Kiss for it because it has a blue cover.

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?Four: Thanks to the magic of short stories, graphic novels and novellas under 200 pages, I have actually finished half my OWLs so far! That means 6 books/subjects are left, and I’m already halfway through two of them. Still, there are some pretty challenging books left: The Gentleman’s Guide is over 500 pages, Six of Crows is around 500 as well, and The Dark Prophecy is over 400, so those will surely take longer to re

And finally, for the fifth: Avery @ RedRocketPanda and I are starting a new challenge for ourselves that is all about reading books that have been on our TBR for long. ARCs and new releases are great, but it’s easy to get caught up in them and ignore the books you bought long ago while that pile grows and grows.

This challenge has two main rules. The books we read have to be:

  • published in a year before 2018
  • acquired before the current month

E.g. in the month of July 2018, I’d have to read something that was published in 2017 or earlier, and I did not buy or receive it in July. In fact, I’d have to read 3 things like this, since that’s the number Avery and I agreed on!

For Whom the Roses GrowI also decided to add two extra rules for myself:

  • no graphic novels
  • no books under 100 pages

I love to use graphic novels and short stories for challenges with many different prompts, but since 3 is a pretty low number, it would be really to easy to fill it with those books, and that just wouldn’t be a challenge at all.

Truthfully, I have already completed this challenge for this month (I have read 4 books that meet the requirements) and I doubt I’ll have any trouble with it in August – but from September, I am going back to university and also will most likely have a student job, which means I’ll have much less time to read, and even 3 backlist books over 100 pages will be a challenge.

That’s all for now! I hope your July is going great, and don’t forget to check out Avery’s blog and awesome posts as well!

~ Alexa


16 thoughts on “July challenges update + Backlist challenge!

  1. I’ve been doing the backlist challenge but haven’t been updating 🙄 I have a blog post coming up finally soon with an update. Been so busy with work trying to keep on top of everything. I am changing the rules for my backlist and only counting books that are actually from my tbr list lol hoping to widdle it down. Good luck with your challenges

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  2. Wow, that was quite a successful start for all of your challenges! That’s amazing. Oh and Gentleman’s Guide might be long, but I’m sure you’ll fly through. It’s easy so read and really fun! It took me no time at all to finish.

    I’m also trying to read more books that I’ve had for a while now. It’s so easy to get distracted by all the shiny new books. But I didn’t do so bad so far. I knocked 5 older books of my tbr during Cramathon.


  3. Wow! Sounds like your July reading is going amazing! I’ve only finished one book for the O.W.L’s so far, but it was the longest one – so hopefully my pace will pick up a little from now on. Good luck with all the challenges and happy reading 😊


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