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PRIDE MONTH | Queer Characters I Adore

In honor of Pride month, I’d love to talk about some queer characters by queer authors that I really loved

  • 1) Regan (Chameleon Moon, Runtime, etc.)

Regan is important to me the way breathing is.

Runtime (Chameleon Moon, Short Story #1)Let’s be honest, I can make an entire list of queer characters from Chameleon Moon that I loved, but in order to avoid all the characters in this post being in the same book, I narrowed it down to one. Regan, my beautiful polyamorous ace lizard son with his one nerdy boyfriend and two enby lovers (who also have husbands and boyfriends of their own). I’m not sure why Regan is the one who grabbed me the most, but it is. Special shout out to Evelyn, Indra, Jay and Shiloh as well.

Even more special shout out to the best line ever written, about Regan but said by Jay: Regan, babe, most amazing and aggravating of reptilian runtime specialists, I would be awash in a sea of ecstasy if you would get off the freaking exposed rooftop–

  • 2) Xandri (Failure to Communicate, Tone of Voice, etc.)
“There’s a lot of cruelty in the universe. I prefer not to be a part 


of it if I can help it.”
While I love a lot of things about this series, especially the worldbuilding, it wouldn’t work half as well without Xandri. She is a wonderful #ownvoices bisexual and autistic protagonist. I’m not autistic myself, but I’ve seen several reviews by autistic people that talk about what wonderful representation she is. As for me, I enjoyed reading her narration, her view of the world, and her unique and creative solutions to problems. Shout out to Kiri, the other bisexual polyamorous female character in this series that I love.
  • 3) Esofi (The Queen of Ieflaria)

“Yourself? Surely you wish to select a champion. Or… at least… a different dress.”

Esofi and her arranged fiancée, Adale are both princesses, but they couldn’t be more different. I adored both of them, but I liked Esofi a little more. I liked her approach to religion, although damn, Esofi, burning down hospitals is not a good idea. I loved the duel scene where she went up against her challenger in a dress, I loved her magic, and I especially loved the ending where she finally came face to face with the dragons. I can’t wait to see more of this series, both with Esofi and Adale, and with new characters as well.

Note: the second book, Daughter of the Sun will not feature Esofi and Adale, but it’s going to be a main F/F ship as well and it’s coming out in November.

Moodboard was made by the author herself on Twitter.

  • 4) Jessica Tran (Not Your Sidekick & sequels)

They’re lucky they live in Andover, where the biggest thing to worry about is Master Mischief stealing all the oranges again or Mistress Mischief turning all the street signs upside down.

31698951One of my favourite things about Jessica (other than the fact that she’s an #ownvoices bisexual Chinese/Viatnemese protagonist) is her unconventional powers. Without spoiling the powers, I’m going to tell you that they aren’t flashy at all and might seem useless at first, but they actually end up incredibly useful in many situations. Other than Jessica and her girlfriend, the sidekick squad also has a trans guy, Bells, and I’m pretty sure Emma is aroace spec, although this is only revealed in the sequels I haven’t read. While this book was often predictable, it had some really interesting perspectives on heroes and villains (particularly with the Mischiefs). I can’t wait to pick up Not Your Villain soon.

  • 5) Alex Cyprin (Astoria: Fate’s Kiss)

You’re never in my way. Gods, you’re my way.

tumblr_messaging_p0hko8LiAx1qigpz3_1280This is a little different, since Alex is not from a book, but a visual novel app called Lovestruck. I still put them here, however, because 1) shh, visual novels are still kind of like books, even if they are in phone apps, and 2) Alex was really helpful in recognising my own gender identity. They’re a demigod child of Aphrodite (and given my love for Greek myths, that certainly helps), a potential love interest, and the protagonist’s best friend and boss. While I adore Alex’s romance route, I also love that they always remain a supportive friend in every single route, even when the protagonist breaks rules or goes against the gods. They’re an amazing character with wonderful romantic lines and I love them so much.

Note: You can only play female protagonists in the app, but there are several female love interests, two nonbinary love interests, some of the guy love interests are queer (although unfortunately several of them are word of god only), and there are plenty of queer side characters in every story.

What are your favourite queer characters in books by queer authors?

~ Alexa


8 thoughts on “PRIDE MONTH | Queer Characters I Adore

  1. Wonderful post! I just started reading The Queen of Ieflaria and I already love Esofi 💕 I didn’t know it was the start of a (companion?) series, that’s so exciting, cause it seems like such an interesting world.


    1. Yeah, the second book is going to be in the same universe but completely different characters, but the third is back to Esofi and Adéle again. Not sure if anything will happen after that 😀

      Esofi was so good!! Just wait until you get to the duel scene if you haven’t yet ❤


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