on obligatory scenes in trans romance

Austin Chant

I want to talk about a particular scene that isn’t in Peter Darling, and why. Note: This won’t be exactly spoilery, since it’s about content that was cut from the book. It does discuss the general themes and romantic pairing, though, so you might skip this if you want a completely pure reading experience.

Still with me? Okay, here’s the deal: Peter is trans, but he never discloses that to his love interest. Although it’s understood that Hook knows Peter is trans at a certain point, they never explicitly talk about it. I wrote The Coming Out Scene over and over in different locations, convinced it was important, and I hated every version of it. I kept scrapping it, but keeping it on my to-do list: Peter Must Come Out. Finally, I turned in a semi-final draft without it, and asked my editor if it needed to be there…

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