Percy Jackson Book Tag

Here’s the second part of that Greek Mythology Book Tag that I promised – this one is aslo by Flip That Page, but it’s more specifically about the Percy Jackson books. I really enjoyed doing the first one, so here we go again.


31821390🐬 Percy Jackson || a brave, spirited natural leader with a sarcastic sense of humor, and a will to save friends and enemies alike || Favourite protagonist

Only one?! This is a difficult pick, but– I do like Xandri in Failure to Communicate, as well as Magnus Chase, and well, Chameleon Moon has several protagonists, but Regan is my beautiful lizard son whom I love.

🏛️ Annabeth Chase || intellectual genius with a strong mind, brave heart, and a love for architecture || Series/book with the cleverest plot

Honestly, there are many books with plots I love, but I’m not really sure what makes them clever. Twists I didn’t see coming? Those aren’t necessarily good, because it can mean that it just came out of nowhere without build-up. I suppose maybe Bad Girls With Perfect Faces had a clever plot — I read that book in one day for a challenge and I was left with a pretty “huh?” feeling, but it was certainly… intense.

38108325💨 Jason Grace ||  has a moderate sense of humor, but a strong sense of honor, justice and compassion, often described as perfect || Book with an epic finale

The Queen of Ieflaria was pretty good – it had a princess fighting dragons with soldiers fighting in the background, all while worrying about the perceived betrayal of her fiancée. That’s epic, right? Man, I’m bad at these.

🗡️ Piper McLean || aggressive and persuasive but down to earth, caring and loving towards Jason, her friends and family || A book you haven’t read, with a tempting synopsis

Oh boy, I’ve added so many books based on a tempting synopsis… I’ve had my eyes on Starflight for a while – I can’t put my finger on what’s tempting about it because it sounds a little cliché, and yet it grabbed me. I also love the synopsis of All Of This Is True – it’s not my usual type of book, but I just need to know what happens.

🐉 Leo Valdez || good-natured and energetic, funny but intelligent, honest and witty, and is skilled with machines || Book that made you laugh

I laughed a lot at Bogi Takács’s story in Dracula: Rise of the Beast. It had a clever plot and an incredibly loveable Hungarian Jewish character.

large🐎 Hazel Levesque || bright  and outgoing despite an unfortunate childhood, is mature for her age and has a love for horseback riding || Favourite character with a tragic past

I’m just going to cheat here a little and say Nico di Angelo, because I love my boy, and he definitely deserves a break. (Which he thankfully gets eventually.) ((Art by viria.))

🛡️ Frank Zhang || somewhat shy, cynical, and clumsy, though he possesses a strong sense of duty, loyalty, and love || Book you loved more than you thought you would

This would be Lost Boy, Found Boy by Jenn Polish, an all-queer retelling of Peter Pan with trans Peter – it had relatively low ratings on Goodreads when I picked it up, and I was a little skeptical based on the blurb, but I ended up loving it.

🎴 Nico di Angelo || grim, solitary, powerful and mysterious, highly unpredictable and selectively affectionate || Most mysterious character you’ve encountered

Nico probably fits this too. Also, Celeste in Chameleon Moon, though not anymore in The Lifeline Signal.

🌱 Grover Underwood || cheerful, upbeat and protective satyr who chews on furniture when he gets nervous || Book you won’t read due to warnings against it

There are several, but the most noteable is probably The Black Witch. Remember when b00kstorebabe wrote a super long review of it, complete with quotes and screenshots, and it was the most horrifying racist, homophobic, ableist mess I’ve ever seen? Yeah.

⚔️ Clarisse La Rue || arrogant and hot-tempered, but brave, strong and protective of camp || Most annoying character

I feel like this category is a little cruel, but… unpopular opinion? I actually really didn’t like Sumi in Every Heart a Doorway.

~ Alexa


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