Let’s Talk About Lovestruck!

We both know this is mainly a book blog, but if you follow me on Tumblr then you might also know that I adore visual novels and some otome games. One of my favourites is an app called Lovestruck (I play it on Android, but I’m sure it’s available for iPhones too), which is an app that has several stories in it.

If you’re not familiar with these types of games, the basic idea is that there is a story with different “routes” – the world and the supporting characters are the same and usually there are similar elements in the routes, but in each route, you can romance a different character.


havenfall3Every single main character you can play is canonically bisexual, and this is often brought up in canon. Every story has at least one female love interest, and lately they’ve started to include nonbinary characters as well – some are romanceable, some aren’t… yet 😉

Of course, as many other things, Lovestruck isn’t perfectly inclusive either. For one, it is entirely focused on romance – which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea, but that is the genre. You can also only play as a female character, and the writers already said it’s not going to change. The ratio of the female love interests compared to the male ones is absymal (usually 1 or maybe 2 girls vs 4-6 guys), and there are currently only two romanceable nonbinary characters. Also, all nonbinary characters so far use “they/them” pronouns.


starship3Still, the LGBTQAI+ characters that DO exist are amazing and well-written, and there is actually a special story where you and your love interest can go to Pride together! That, and as I said, the newer stories have more queer LIs, so I have high hopes that this will continue to improve.

Those are the general details, and now let me talk a little about the invidual stories that you can play in the Lovestruck app. (Rainbow marks LGBTQAI+ characters, and hearts mark my favourite stories/characters. Note: I got most of the LGBTQAI+ characters from this list, which was published by the writers but it’s not up-to-date and a lot of the newer stories are missing.)

havenfall1💛 Havenfall is for Loversongoing – You and your sister have been living in the same small town ever since you can remember. Ever since your parents died, all you have to count on is each other. Until your sister disappears, and you realise that not all people in Havenfall are what they seem… Your love interests are:

  • 🌈Mackenzie – “The Werewolf” (she/her, lesbian) – As the town sheriff, Mackenzie deals with a lot of responsibilities, including helping you find your sister.
  • 💛 Diego – “The Vampire” (he/him) – Diego is the town doctor who has been giving you and your sister check-ups for years, and well, if he wears those silly sunglasses all the time, surely that’s just a quirk?
  • 🌈💛 JD – “The Jersey Devil” (they/them, queer) – JD is your only coworker at the bowling alley you work at. They’re a troublemaker, but you love them anyway.
  • 🌈Razi – “The Djinn” (he/him, pansexual) – Razi is your boss at the bowling alley, who is much hotter than a boss has any business to be. He’s also helped you out many times in the past.
  • 🌈side characters: There is one nonbinary side character in Razi’s route who uses they/them.

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💛 Villanious Nightsongoing – You just started your internship with Optimus, the company that registers people with various superpowers and sends them where they are needed the most. You couldn’t be more excited – but is Optimus really what it seems? These masked vigilantes you just ran into don’t think so. Your love interests are:

  • 💛 Duke – “The Wolf” (he/him) – Duke is the CEO of ChatSpace who seems unapproachable. I’m not going to make an ice pun here, the game made like three for me in the description.
  • 🌈💛 Andi – “The Cat” (she/her, lesbian) – As a social media star, Andi is everywhere. Including the bobba shop below your flat and inside your heart, apparently.
  • Renzei – “The Falcon” (he/him) – Coming soon.
  • 🌈Lorelei – “The Badger (she/her, sapphic) – Coming soon.
  • 🌈side characters: Your roommate is nonbinary and also amazing.


starship2💛 Starship Promiseongoing – You’re an engineer at a space colony when it’s attacked, and suddenly you’re forced to flee… with the help of space outlaws?! Your love interests are:

  • 💛 Orion – “The Captain” (he/him) – Orion might seem serious at first, but I swear he is actually a cinnamon roll, please romance him.
  • Jaxon – “The Bounty Hunter” (he/him) – The Legendary Jaxon Silva is confident and loves sharing the stories of his adventures, but he can also be an incredibly devoted boyfriend.
  • 🌈Nova – “Superhuman” (she/her, lesbian) – Nova has all kinds of abilities and yet remembers none of her past, but she’s captivated you from the start when she saved your life.
  • starship5💛💛 Atlas – “The Pilot” (he/him) – Listen. I would literally die for Atlas Molniya and this is a fact. I love my grumpy pilot husband.
  • 💛 Antares – “Empire Captain” (he/him) – Antares is the antagonist-route, a Captain of the Empire, the organisation that hounds you in all the other routes. But is he truly a bad person, or can he still fight for a good cause? (He can and I love him so much.)
  • 🌈side characters: There is a nonbinary side character in Nova’s route, Gamma. (I’ll also eat my goddamn hat if Jaxon Silva is straight, but the writers apparently didn’t get the memo. :/)

Love & Legendsongoing – Lightning strikes, and you are transported from your home in Chicago, 21st century, to a fantasy world with elves, magic and feudal lords. Oh, and you apparently look exactly like the Witch Queen, a powerful sorceress that tried to take over the world a few years ago. Your love interests are:

  • August – “The Knight” (he/him)
  • 💛 Saerys – “The Demon” (he/him)
  • 🌈💛 Altea – “The Wizard” (she/her, lesbian)
  • Reiner – “The Lord” (he/him)
  • 🌈Iseul – “The Elf” (he/him, pansexual)
  • 🌈💛 Helena – “The Sorceress” (she/her, lesbian)
  • Alain – “The Knight-General” (he/him)
  • 🌈side characters: Several queer side characters, including MC’s best friend, as well as several members of Iseul’s and August’s family.

gangsters1Gangsters in Lovesomehow still ongoing – You are housesitting for your parents when you are attacked by gang members, and kidnapped by another gang… Just what kind of secrets are your missing parents hiding? And what will happen between you and these gang members? Your love interests are:

  • Chance – “The Boss” (he/him)
  • Yoshimitsu – “The Yakuza” (he/him)
  • 🌈Aurora – “The Hustler” (she/her, lesbian)
  • 💛 Ash – “The Hitman” (he/him)
  • 💛 Irving – “The Justice” (he/him)
  • Mateo – “The Agent” (he/him)
  • 🌈side characters: There are two bisexual women side characters, Skylar in Aurora’s route, and Amelia in Irving’s.

To Love & Protectongoing – Uh, you suddenly find out you’re the president’s daughter and then you have to be protected I guess? I’m gonna admit that I haven’t played much of this but I’ve gotta catch up on Chadwick. Your love interests are:

  • Edgar Morton (he/him)
  • Felix Grant (he/him)
  • 🌈Madison Lane (she/her, lesbian)
  • 🌈💛 Ellis Cooper (he/him, pansexual)
  • 💛 Chadwick Lin (he/him)
  • 🌈side characters: There are two lesbian side characters but I’m not sure in which routes they appear in.

speakeasy1Speakeasy Tonighton hiatus? – You as the main character move to 1920s Chicago from the small town you grew up in, and soon end up leading a speakeasy and getting into all sorts of trouble. (Please romance Neil, his route is the best in the entire game.) Your love interests are:

  • Vince – “The Bootlegger” (he/him)
  • 🌈Sofia – “The Informant” (she/her, bisexual)
  • Cliff – “The Bartender” (he/him)
  • 💛 Gerald – “The Rival Boss” (he/him)
  • 💛💛 Neil – “The Mob Doctor” (he/him)
  • Julius – “The Jazz Man” (he/him)
  • Donovan – “The Dirty Cop” (he/him)
  • Elliot – “The Great Lover” (he/him)

castaway1Castaway! Love’s Adventurecompleted – You are hired as a journalist to go on a trip funded by the Tycoon Arthur Singh, but something goes wrong and you all end up shipwrecked on a deserted island… with all kinds of mysterious happenings. Your love interests are:

  • 🌈Clyde – “The Captain” (he/him, bisexual)
  • 🌈💛 Serena – “The Doctor” (she/her, lesbian)
  • TK – “The Photographer”
  • Logan – “The Engineer”
  • 💛 Arthur – “The Tycoon”
  • 🌈💛 Joaquin – “The Adventurer” (he/him, pansexual)
  • 🌈side characters: Serena’s route has a lesbian minor character.

astoria1💛 Astoria: Fate’s Kisscompleted – You’re an agent of H.E.R.A. – Hell and Earth Relations Agency. You work under the Greek gods to keep the peace between the gods, the godly monsters and the humans of Earth. Your boss is Alex Cyprin, your childhood best friend who is not only romanceable, but also the literal best friend in the entire world in all the other routes, please love them. Your love interests are:

  • 💛 Hydra (he/him)
  • 💛 Hades (he/him)
  • 🌈💛 Medusa (she/her, lesbian)
  • 🌈💛💛Cyprin (enby, they/them, queer)
  • 💛 Astraeus (he/him)
  • Cerberus (he/him)
  • Chimera (he/him)
  • 🌈 side characters: Basically half the minor characters in this story are queer. The main character’s brother is aroace, and her (dead) mother is polyamorous and bisexual. The goddess Aphrodite (Cyprin’s mother) is also queer. The MC’s best friend, May is pansexual. (This is not a complete list.)

I didn’t mark them separately, but many of the LIs are also non-white. Most of the main characters are currently white, but Villanious Nights and one of the special stories both have beautiful black MCs who are amazing.

It also has some absolutely beautiful moments, like MC visiting her first gay club and realising she likes women in the 1920s.

havenfall5You can see from my hearts that I have some favourites, and some absolute favourites, like Atlas, Alex and Neil. 💛💛 Lovestruck has been my big obsession for a while, and I hope that you will decide to try it!

Note: Playing Lovestruck is entirely free by default. You can use hearts to buy extra scenes or special stories. You can either buy hearts with real money, win them in the daily game, or earn them in weekend challenges.

~ Alexa


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