ARC review: Hearts Like Hers

34992208I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Release date: 13th February, 2018 by Bold Strokes Books

I was drawn to this book by the pretty cover and the fact that it was a lesbian romance, and it was just as heartfelt and warm as I expected.

I was first surprised by the age of the characters (I’m used to reading about teens or twenty-somethings, while the protagonists in this book are in their thirties) but I found it refereshing to read about people who are older than what I’m used to, but still far from old. Honestly, it made me feel better about aging because it’s so easy to think that women in their late thirties/early forties are old, when that’s really not the case.

I didn’t read the first book in this series, but from what I understand, each book concentrates on a different member of the same friendship group, which I really loved. (It is also done in Maria Hollis’s series starting with The Melody of You and Me.) I loved these women being friends and really being there for each other, and I loved Autumn and Kate’s romance.

One thing that really caught me off guard (and I think should have been in the blurb) is that having children is a major plot point for both love interests in different ways, and this is not a topic that I like to read about. I eventually got over it and ended up enjoying the positive and validating way this book deals with having children as a single woman, having children in your thirties, and adopting children. Still, a warning or a clue in the blurb may have been nice, although I might not have picked up the book if I’d known this was part of the main plot.

While I liked both Autumn and Kate, I was slightly more interested in Kate’s story and I loved how it was gradually revealed through flashbacks instead of the story being told at once. I also loved that Autumn’s and Kate’s plans didn’t always go the way the reader expected – there were failures, and yet it was clear that these failures were not the end of the world.

I admit that I found parts of this book slow and really difficult to get through, but overall I think it is a good read for people who like contemporary romances. (Do be aware that there several explicit sex scenes.)

My rating: ★★★★☆

Do you like reading contemporary novels? Why/why not?

~ Alexa

3 thoughts on “ARC review: Hearts Like Hers

  1. I am glad you could enjoy this one even though it was a jump outside of what you usually read. I do like books where having children is featured and even though I don’t read about the above the YA age category too much, it sounds refreshing, actually.


    1. It was overall a good read, so I recommend it if you think you’d like it more 🙂 I have complicated feelings about pregnancy/having children personally so I really could have used a warning, but it wasn’t that bad.

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