January TBR – book clubs, challenges

I have already read a few books in January, but between my approved titles on NetGalley, my book clubs/reading challenges and my miscellaneous plans, my TBR doesn’t seem to get any smaller. Here are just a few of those groups I am part of.

First, I am a member of the Sapphic Book Club on Discord hosted by sapphicliterature, which you should absolutely join if you’re interested in reading books with women who like women! Lara (who runs the sapphicliterature Tumblr blog) goes to great lengths to get free copies for the members every month. January’s read is Meet Me at 10 by Vicky Jones, “a bittersweet story about love crossing boundaries”. You can find more info on the club and our schedule on the Tumblr page or on Twitter.

Other than this, I am also part of the Around the Year in 52 Books group on Goodreads, where you get 52 prompts, one for each week of the year, and you are supposed to find at least one book to fit each prompt. I will more or less try to read in order, but I will also try to fit the other books I read (e.g. for the above book club) into this challenge.

According to my reading plan (look how fancy it is! it took forever to put together but it was worth it), my next books to read should be either Good Omens or Everything Leads to You for the second week, The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase) for the third week, and something related to earth (most likely The Traitor’s Tunnel by C.M. Spivey) for the fourth week. Good Omens is actually the first book I added to my Goodreads TBR back in 2013 (!) so I REALLY should check that one off the list this time.

Finally, there is a year-long Lesbian Book Bingo hosted by Jae here, where you can read lesbian books and even win ebooks by participating. I will try my best to fill as many squares on the bingo as I can – one book I will surely be reading is Ardulum: First Don for the science fiction square.

~ Alexa 🦆

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