Recommendation: Chameleon Moon + Others

Let me tell you about the Chameleon Moon universe and why I adore it.

(Disclaimer: I am not getting paid or compensated for this in any way, I just really love this author and this world, so here’s why you should love it too and also the best ways you can get extra content.)

Love yourself, love the people around you, and never give up. If you need help, reach out. If you’re drowning, make some noise. There are people who love you, who will throw you a life preserver. That’s what it all comes down to, love. That’s how we’re gonna get through this. And we are gonna get through this.

Chameleon Moon and its sequel, The Lifeline Signal are both hopeful dystopian novels by RoAnna Sylver. What is a hopeful dystopia, you ask? The world sucks, but we’re still here. We support each other, we carry on, and everything is going to be okay.

I cannot emphasize how much I admire the world, and especially the characters RoAnna Sylver created. Not only is the cast incredibly diverse in terms of sexual and romantic orientation, race, disability and personalities, but there is also a huge focus on anxiety, PTSD and related mental health issues. The story of Chameleon Moon is all about standing together.

I could talk forever about the different types of representation in Chameleon Moon, so let me highlight my favourite parts: it has several asexual and aromantic characters (although in the first book the aromanticism is only word-of-god), and also plenty of polyamory. Over here, there is a trio of three women (one of them transgender) married to each other with a kid. And over there… like 5-6 guys and nb people dating each other in all kinds of combinations. (There are also several nonbinary characters using they/them pronouns, as well as at least one of them using xie/xir pronouns – and it’s all completely natural.)

Another huge part of why I love the Chameleon Moon books is the author, RoAnna Sylver themself. They are not only an incredibly skilled writer with a wonderful soul (I mean, you have to have a wonderful soul to be this committed to writing books about hope and love), but they are also super approachable and open to me fans screaming at them about the various characters.

The best place where you can buy the author’s works is Gumroad – you can find all of the stories plus some extra stuff there (including What You Remember, the Chameleon Moon theme song, which is honestly worth every penny), and you can even choose to tip if you can. However, if for some reason you can’t afford the five dollars for the first book, it is actually cheaper on Amazon.

I actually got almost everything by RoAnna Sylver (the two Chameleon Moon novels, a bunch of short stories, as well as their other projects – Stake Sauce with punk gay vampires and Death Masquerade with 19th-century lesbian vampires) either for free or incredibly cheap – all through legal means and from the author themself. Two of the short stories, Runtime and Always Be You are free on both Amazon and Gumroad, and a third one, Un-Dead is included for free in the second edition of Chameleon Moon. (The ebook, at least – I can’t speak for the physical book.)

Signing up for RoAnna’s mailing list (link on the sidebar here) also gets you free stuff, and just paying one dollar per update on Patreon gives you access to a crapton of posts with extra content (with higher tiers getting you exclusive commissions!).

All in all, this is honestly one of my favourite book series, and apparently there are at least five books planned?! I’m here for the long-run, and you should be too.

~ Alexa 🐲


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