Review: We Awaken

Link on Goodreads

Why I picked it up: I was promised great asexual representation. (note: I am a biromantic asexual woman, so this was kind of personal for me.)

What I thought: It definitely delivered on the representation. It was refreshing to read about characters who outright said they were asexual, and it also included someone figuring out their sexuality by researching, and addressed several stereotypes. All in all, it handled asexuality, and exploring your sexuality very nicely.

I have to admit I had mixed feelings about the book as I read it, but I came out with mostly positive feelings in the end. The writing was clumsy at times – the phrasing sounded a little forced, or the timeline of the events felt rushed. There wasn’t really a story as such, but somewhere halfway I realised that there didn’t have to be. It was enough to get lost in the magical romance of these two asexual girls who love each other very much.

I kinda wish we had seen more of Reeves, and his ending didn’t go the way I expected it to go, but I think I like it? I think? A little conflicted, but I’m leaning towards positive.

Also, the cover is beautiful.

Do I recommend it: If you want a light read about girls in love, exploring your sexuality, and mending your relationship with your best friend, then definitely. If you’re looking for a quick-paced story, then no.

My rating: ★★★★☆

~ Alexa 🐬

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